Configuring ShipBridge

Configuring your Shipbridge experience

In this section of the documentation, you will find detailed information about installing, updating, and configuring ShipBridge. Also, this section covers such topics as verifying the ShipBridge version, checking up for updates, and downloading Shipbridge .exe files.

ShipBridge has a user-friendly installation manager and configuration wizard to help you during ShipBridge installation and configuration.

Getting credentials 

If you don’t have your Sellercloud account yet, then before installing ShipBridge, you should gather your Sellercloud credentials, such as:

  • Team name
  • Username
  • Password

These credentials are essential for ShipBridge installation.

Configuring ShipBridge

You have several ways to configure your ShipBridge, such as customizing settings during installation, adjusting necessary settings in the Options window, or running the Configuration Wizard after ShipBridge installation. Configuring ShipBridge during the installation is described in the Installing ShipBridge article.

Using the Configuration Wizard

The Configuration Wizard runs as a part of the standard installation process. In addition to that, you can use it at any time you need to adjust the options set up during the installation. To launch the Configuration Wizard, you must:

  • Click Menu > Options > Run Configuration WizardRun Configuration Wizard


After checking system requirements, the Configuration Wizard will prompt you to enter your Sellercloud credentials. Then, it will navigate you through several pop-up windows, enabling you to set up the most essential ShipBridge options. Please note that the Configuration Wizard does not cover all the vast range of available ShipBridge settings. Settings not present are found in the Options and Customize Interface windows.

Using settings file 

All the options you set during or after installation are stored in the Settings.xml fileYou can find this file by navigating to:

  • Help > Open ShipBridge Settings Folder. Open ShipBridge Settings Folder


The ShipBridge Settings Folder can be used to back up your setting or to speed up the configuration process on multiple computers. Configure ShipBridge once, download the settings file, and upload it to the ShipBridge Settings folder on each computer you need to run the same configuration. 

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