“Require Attention” Orders

You can configure Shipbridge to show an optional Require Attention tab with all orders requiring attention. Here’s a sample tab with several orders:

If you enable Shipbridge’s Colorize Orders setting for orders containing items that are low in stock, it will automatically apply on this optional tab, as shown with the sample blue color above. Show me where.

Orders can be automatically flagged as requiring attention for the following reasons:

  • Backorder
  • Order was corrupted
  • No quantity is available to fulfill the order

Custom plugins and Proposition 65

Orders can be moved to Shipbridge’s Require Attention tab based on your own unique business rules from a custom Shipbridge plugin developed by Sellercloud.

While you can use plugins for unique reasons, one timely example is for orders containing products subject to Proposition 65 compliance. Plugins can even add Prop 65 warnings to products automatically, under certain conditions.

Note: SellerCloud already offers a standard feature for you to manually add warning messages that require confirmation before shipping a product is allowed. You can use these warnings for any reason, including for Proposition 65 compliance. In this case, the messages will appear in Shipbridge for any products requiring compliance, so you can confirm, for example, that the products have the appropriate warning labels.

Contact Sellercloud Support to request your custom plugin.

There are 2 ways for orders to appear on the Require Attention tab:

  • Manually mark an order as requiring attention by right-clicking > choose Mark Order as Requires Attention
  • Have ShipBridge automatically move certain orders to this tab
You can always move an order here by manually changing its customer service status: In the order > Action Menu > Customer Service Status > Go > Customer Service Status Menu > Requires Attention > Update. Show me. The order will appear on Shipbridge’s Requires Attention tab.

Configuring the Requires Attention feature in Shipbridge

  1. In Shipbridge, click Menu > Customize Interface > GUI tab.
  2. Choose how orders will be moved to the Require Attention tab. At least one of these settings is required to display the tab.


  3. For example, if you are going to manually flag orders as requiring attention, just choose the setting Auto move “requires attention” orders to the attention tab.
  4. If you right-click an order in Shipbridge, choosing Mark Order as Requires Attention moves the order to that tab.


Viewing “requires attention” orders in Sellercloud

In Sellercloud, you can view all orders that are on ShipBridge’s Require Attention tab by filtering the Orders tab > Advanced Search > Choose Requires Attention in the Customer Service field.

In addition, Sellercloud flags each individual order with a Requires Attention status.

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