Lowes Account Integration


This topic covers the required steps to integrate your Sellercloud account with Lowes.com.

Prerequisite: This feature requires selecting the Client Setting Enable Custom Company Settings. The custom settings will store company-level information for use by the plugins and channel integrations.

Integration workflow

Lowe’s Special Order Sale (SOS) / GS1-128 order management is not currently supported by this integration. These orders will be imported as On Hold to prevent them from appearing in ShipBridge. These orders must first be processed on CommerceHub and then updated with tracking information in Sellercloud for reporting accuracy. Learn more about importing tracking information here.

Lowe’s has its own EDI integration through CommerceHub, which will provide instructions and an FTP or VAN for testing and production.

The integration workflow comprises the following components:

  1. Seller: Create a separate company for Lowe’s, and then fill out the required custom company settings.
  2. Sellercloud Support: Create the required custom order and product columns.
  3. Sellercloud Support: Install the Lowe’s plugins on the server.
  4. Seller: Create saved searches and scheduled tasks for the installed plugins.

Creating the custom company settings

To create the custom company settings required by the plugins, open your Lowe’s company’s Toolbox > Custom Settings > Input the settings listed below:

To have the Lowes Inventory Export EDI 846 plugin export all available inventory, DO NOT add the two custom company settings, ExportMultipleWarehousesOnLowes846 and Lowes_WarehouseCodeMapping, listed below.
  • Lowes_ISAID— provided to the client by Lowes
  • Lowes_CustomerISAID (usually the client’s phone number)
  • Lowes_CustomerQualifier
  • Lowes_Qualifier
  • GS1_CompanyPrefix
  • ExportMultipleWarehousesOnLowes846— For multi-warehouse mapping (set the value to TRUE)
  • Lowes_WarehouseCodeMapping— Enter the value in this exact format:
    • WarehouseID,WarehouseCode,SafetyQty
      • Where WarehouseID = Sellercloud ID for the warehouse; WarehouseCode = Lowes ID for the warehouse; and SafetyQty = quantity you choose. Example: 100,Sample Whse Code 20,1
  • ISAControlNumber*
  • GSControlNumber*
  • STControlNumber*

* ISAControlNumber, GSControlNumber, and STControlNumber can all start at 1. The tracking and inventory exports will increment this number accordingly. 

Creating the custom columns

Sellercloud Support will create the following settings for your Lowe’s company:

Installing the plugins

A plugin contains instructions on how to create an import or export file. For example, instead of just mapping the order of columns for an export file, a plugin lets you do more complex tasks. You can also manipulate values that are exported, allowing the file to conform to any standard.

Sellercloud Support will install the following Lowe’s plugins onto the server. Note: The table below also describes the type of saved search that the seller will create for the plugins’ scheduled tasks.

Lowes Inventory Export EDI 846

  • Lowe’s SKU is required on the 846, and is pulled from the custom product column LOWES_SKU
  • Plugin exports either all inventory available (default setting) or per warehouse (requires adding ExportMultipleWarehousesOnLowes846 and Lowes_WarehouseCodeMapping custom company settings).


  1. Create an Inventory Saved Search.
  2. Choose any filters you want to choose which products to send.
Lowes Order Import 850 with 997

  • Ship To Store orders will be marked as such in the custom order column IsShipToStore
  • This plugin pulls order files from the FTP (or VAN); creates the orders in Sellercloud; and returns a 997 acknowledgment for each file sent. The 997 will be placed on the server as defined in the scheduled task.
    • For FTP, the scheduled task’s Queued Job Note must be set to “FTP” so the plugin will know to drop the file in the “/incoming/intchg/” folder, as compared to a VAN, where the file is dropped in the root directory.
When using FTP with CommerceHub, all documents for all CommerceHub integrations will be sent to the same FTP directory. Thus, if you are using FTP instead of VAN, the setting to “Delete files after processing” on the task should be set to FALSE, so as to not delete the files from other integrations. To alert the plugin that the Lowe’s order files must be deleted after processing, the scheduled task’s Queued Job Note should be set to “FTP.”
Tracking Export (856) – Lowes Order Export EDI 856

  1. Create an Orders Saved Search.
  2. Filter as follows:
  • Company = Your Lowe’s company
  • Status = InProcess or Completed
  • Shipping Status = Fully Shipped
  • Tracking Uploaded = Not Uploaded
  1. On the 856 scheduled task, check This is Tracking Export.
Order Export (855) – Lowes Order Export EDI 855

  • Marks orders as OrderAcknowedgeForAcceptToChannel and accepts all orders.
  • Requires these custom company settings for the default company:
    • RejectLowesUnknownSkus – If set to true: If the item comes in with an unknown SKU, it will be rejected “bad_sku”
    • RejectLowesOutOfStockItems – If set to true: If the item does not have quantity available, reject it and either enter any reject reason (can be “out_of_stock”) or an estimated ship date (see next point).
    • EstimatedDaysToShipOutOfStockLowesOrders
      • If this setting exists and has a valid value: Send an estimated ship date of the order date plus x number of days from this setting.
      • If this setting does not exist or has no valid value: Do not send an estimated ship date and instead send a reject reason “out_of_stock.” The plugin should still work if one or more of these settings do not exist.
      • If the order has multiple items, and some items must be accepted and some must be rejected (for any reason), then DO NOT EXPORT THE ORDER. Instead, create an explanatory order note and set the order to NotOkToProcess.


  1. Create an Orders Saved Search.
  2. Filter as follows:
  • Company = Your Lowe’s company
  • Status = InProcess or Completed
  • Order Ack (Accept) = No
  1. On the 855 scheduled task, check the setting This is Order Ack (Accept).
Lowes Invoice Export EDI 810

  1. Create an Orders Saved Search.
  2. Filter as follows:
  • Company = Your Lowe’s company
  • Status = InProcess or Completed
  • Shipping Status = Fully Shipped
  • Tracking Uploaded = Uploaded
  • Invoice Sent = Not Sent
  1. On the 810 scheduled task, check the setting This is Invoice Export.
Lowes Packing Slip PDF

Creating saved searches and scheduled tasks

Each of the plugins requires that a scheduled task be set up, which Let you configure certain action for automatic recurrence at specific intervals. Each scheduled task will use saved searches (see the plugins table above for each required search).

For example, a scheduled task for the Lowe’s Tracking Export would use a Lowe’s Tracking saved search. Show me where.

Learn how to create a tracking export scheduled task.

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