Jewel Properties

If you do not see the Jewel Properties on your products’ Toolbox, please contact Sellercloud Support to have this feature enabled in the backend.

Click Product > Toolbox > Jewel Properties to configure attributes that are unique to jewelry, including size and diameter in multiple metrics. Chain, Clasp, and Back are also included, and the ability to create a matrix.

  • General tab includes eBay properties
  • Amazon tab for Amazon-specific properties
  • Images
  • Magento properties

To upload in bulk, click Inventory > Import Product Info > Import Product Jewelry Properties > Download Template. There are four tabs on the template with definitions, actual template, examples, and valid values.

Handmade Jewelry Category on Amazon – This category is separate from the Fine Jewelry category. Although the products are configured with a size dropdown, it is not handled on Amazon as a variation comprised of children products. Rather, it is treated as a simple product. If the single SKU has inventory, all sizes will be available. This is most likely because these products are made on-demand.

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